Warehoused photos don't show in Container Plus with macro

Hi all,

am building a rather big website for a client (bicycles) and using container plus a lot.
Problem: whne using the %base_url% macro for the warehousing in container plus the pictures don’t show.
Also relative path does not work (…/…/ )
Image Fit and Image work with that so I think/suppose it is a glitch in the container plus setup?
@habitualshaker - perhaps you could help with that?
As I have to show the client the site while in building the macro %base_url% is extremely helpful because I have many many pictures warehoused …
Thanks in advance,

Hi Tom -

The macro won’t work for background images (in Container Plus and most other stacks) as the macros aren’t processed in the CSS files where the background images are defined.

Where are your images? If they are on your server then you would be best just supplying the direct url to the image.

Hope that helps.

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