Warehoused Video Gallery

Could anyone tell me please if there is a stack that is capable of showing a video gallery (not photos) that could be warehoused using Instacks Repository stack. I would prefer to use my own videos but the only video gallery stacks available seem to only support Vimeo or Youtube.

I think self hosting videos is not the best option, as your hosting will take quite a hit in transfer limits, or “unlimited” packages will throttle your site’s speed.

Your best option is to build your own gallery using a grid stack and preview image if the video. Then just have to video itself open in a modal.

What framework are you using?

Joe’s Video Wall stack has an option to use warehoused videos, though you need to add each one individually. I’d also agree with pmjd’s comment. TemplateRepo’s option would work well too, I’d think

If you really want to self-host and do this with stacks, take a look at Stacks4stacks ProGallery, which will read media from just about anywhere (including folders of files, so you won’t need to add each video individually), and TopBox, which is a fully customisable lightbox, with advanced video options. You’ll likely want both.

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Also if you want to self-host videos, I’d recommend using something like Amazon S3 or some other S3 compatible storage service. Some offer free tiers up to a certain limit.

This would help to mitigate the bandwidth and burden of your web hosting server having to serve the videos.

Thanks everyone for the replies I’ll look into the various options.

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