WeaverPixel Website now Online - Offering free Foundry Templates

I have started offering free Foundry 3 templates for some months now. I had only a download area available and posted the availability of the templates mostly at the Elixir forum - as the templates are all based on the Foundry framework. That was pretty much enough for the beginning. Now, as the number of templates grows, I have just finalised my own website.

You can have a look at the new site at WeaverPixel.

There are 6 templates available currently. As I am also blogging a lot, 3 of the templates are Blog-Templates. I use for them the most popular CMS-Systems available in the Rapidweaver/Stacks world - Alloy, Poster and Total CMS.

  • Norman - Template using Foundry 3 and Total CMS
  • Vera - Template using Foundry 3 and Poster 2
  • Maximilian - Template using Foundry 3 and Alloy 3
  • Lemmy K - Template for musicians and bands using Foundry 3
  • Coming Soon No 1 - Template for a coming soon landing page using Foundry 3 and a version for the ones still using Foundry 2

The Templates are free, but a donation is always very welcome. There are links for a donation on the website.

Enjoy and have fun :-)


Welcome to rw4all, Markus!

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Thanks from Switzerland to Markus 😘.

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Thanks for these templates, Markus. Just downloaded and donated of course… :-)

Schöne Grüße aus Rheinland-Pfalz,

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Thanks a lot for the nice comments :-)

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