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In the company where I earn the money I live for (my Rapidweaver life is a hoppy I have tried to make commercial :-) I am making very less money from my web design company, but I love it, and I am thinking to make my Rapidweaver life into an artistic one, not focusing on making money, but on making beautiful websites with a benevolent purpose to enhance the condition of Humanity. No less :-) ( Yeah, I know I am crazy)), we are going to have a webshop for deliveries. But we need to be able to deliver the goods and then receive payment at the time of delivery with a mobile payment system we have in Denmark. I have already zuzools cart 3, that one I cannot use for this purpose. I am now looking into Rapidcart Pro 4 from Foreground. Anyone having experience with Rapidcart Pro 4? It is a little expensive so I want to hear other opinions. Thank You

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Anyway I have now testet the Rapidcart Pro 4, and actually it works beautifully. I was also able to get the database part working. the email are sent correctly and people can check their order online by a link in the email. So it works for me, I do not know about the price. The basic version costs 50 euro. It is quite cheap I think for unlimited websites. The only thing that is a little limiting is that it is a plugin. So it is difficult to use in Foundation etc.

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You could check ecwid as there are stacks available:



If you are looking for the free store offer for the time being along the the Axyn Ecwid Stacks, carefully follow the instructions on this page COVID-19 Offer (browser must be private mode to open the new Ecwid store, otherwise it doesn’t work properly).

No I was not looking for that actually, I do not think we can come under this catagory. But anyway, thank you for your help.

Yes thank you, I have the free plugin already. Thanks :-)

So just to give an update of what I have decided to do. On the long run, since Ecwid’s free webstore is limited to 10 products, it is needed to pay 15 dollars per month. If you pay yearly it comes down to 12.5 dollars. That is 150 dollars per year.
I discovered that Rapidcart actually can be embedded into another page. There is a function to instruct the plugin on which page it is embedded. So I got the Rapidcart Pro 4 Advanced license. It costs a one time payment of 70 dollars. So I got a webshop I can use on an unlimited number of sites, for less than half of what I need to pay yearly for Ecwid.
I also realized that I really like Rapidcart Pro 4. It has all the functions needed. For now I have no need to implement any payment solutions, so how it works with that, I do not know. But I am sure it works nicely.

Ecwid and the stacks developed by Ricardo is a very nice solution. There is more options to design your webshop with this solution than with Rapidcart. So I can highly recommend this solution also.

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