Website speed and Pingdom

I’m not sure how I ended up on Pingdom (.com) doing speed tests, but anyways, 78/100 did not seem to be great, a C rating :(

So things to improve:

F Add Expires headers

F Make fewer HTTP requests

D Compress components with gzip

Are there simple ways to add Expires headers? I found this simple way via .htacess (which I use to limit access from China)

I presume this refers to how long servers, not viewers cache files, so 30 days should be fine for everything? or less? Anyone experimented?

Fewer http requests - not sure I can do anything as my sites are full of (small) pictures

Is gzip compression is possible in RW?

Gzip compression is something out with RW, can be activated if supported by your host.

It may already be as I’m sure Pingdom doesn’t detect gzip properly.

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That is very helpful, thanks. I did wonder, as RW is usually quite forward with features

In my experience of using Pingdom, it nearly always reports “Compress components with gzip” even when GZIP is enabled on your server. I think it sees some elements on a page that may show a size reduction but that it is insignificant in the grand scheme. Just enable GZIP on your server and then ignore that part of the Pingdom report.