@#$@^%#$@ Website

Not for the easily offended snowflake types https://motherfuckingwebsite.com


As requested I won’t tell his mom!

Will this be released as a theme?

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And, it is Dieter Rams this guy is talking about in the last sentence: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieter_Rams

You’re right. Although I would argue that good design when applied to products has nothing to do with good web design. The Braun web site is never going to win any web designer awards, yet just like all of their competitors, it delivered the right design for their web site. Good design is about meeting the design goal and not about impressing other web designers.

There are some good and serious points in Mr Motherfu*kers site, but as time goes on, some are less and less important, I believe. I see that 30 people have viewed the website and I wonder how many read the whole thing. You could argue that if you don’t read the whole thing then the site fails to deliver its sole message.

Also a very funny site.

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“Good design is about meeting the design goal and not about impressing other web designers.”

This happened in the sign trade down here in the late 80s 90s early 2000s. ( in fact it still goes on but I got too old to give a f@@k anymore ) It got really creatively competitive and the only winners were the the customers , who, sadly, mostly didn’t actually even notice how good their signage and livery was compared to the areas outside ours. We all ended up over designing for other sign companies to see it lol !! bloody mental actually.
In my experience there are very few customers ( unless they’re told ! ) who know a good design from a bad one. But then why should they.
And when I have bothered to ask , the answer is mostly "dunno , didn’t notice it, its just a sign !! " So yes have to agree with the motherf@@king website :)