WebYep javascripts problems

Hello for some reason I am not able to get to edit a page where I have put webyep to edit it. I get this message, and I have checked if javascript is enabled in the browser and it is: “To edit these pages with WebYep you need to enable JavaScript in your Web Browser!” I do not know what I eventually have done wrong. The page is here: http://ingemann-selskabet.dk/styled-9/Ny_langt/

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This can also indicate the theme is incompatible. Basically the WebYep Javascript can’t load for some reason, so it defaults to this error message.

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Ah ok, that would explain it, because I have previously installed it on a foundation site without problems. I will try with another theme, Thank you for your help
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It happens in Foundry and a few other themes. I recall ‘Depth’ being another one where it doesn’t seem to work.

It seems to be a conflict between the lightbox code (used for the popups) in the WebYep CMS core.

So therefore it’s not really something within my ability to fix and not something the stacks can influence either.

One day I might dive into the system code and see if I can find the cause of the problem and commit those changes back to Max - if it is feasible to fix.

For now, using another theme is probably easiest. There are plenty of RapidWeaver themes WebYep does work well with.