Webyep - Moving page order breaks gallery - Any ideas? EDIT: Problem Solved

Any Webyeppers know the answer to this conundrum? I’ve created a Webyep gallery on a page domain.org.uk/gallery/index.php but as my menu is getting a bit cluttered decided to move it to a subpage for menu navigation hanging off an offsite page, so the new url is domain.org.uk/offsite/gallery/index.php

Now, what happens is none of the images now display so essentially it would appear the link between the image gallery stack and webyep files is broken. The fieldname is ‘My Gallery’, but is not Global Content, I’ve even deleted everything via SFTP on the server and republished all again on the off chance that it may be a case the ‘My Gallery’ fieldname exists on the server in a depricated folder with RW not deleting redundant files, but that is not the case.

I’ve looked all though the config php file for anything to do with links but nothing stands out, I’ve also had a look at the images in the ‘Data’ folder server side, I notice the uploaded images are labelled ‘3-gl-My_Gallery-thenanumber.jpg’ is this something to do with it. If I move the page back off the offsite it all displays as normal again, so it is something to do with the URL change moving as a subpage to an offsite page.

If I start from scratch and create a new gallery and upload images again with the stack as ‘Global Content’ from the start can I move or change its URL? I’m trying to fix this instance and work out what is going on to futureproof my workflow with future projects.

Thought I’d post here instead of contacting Will directly and bogging him down as support in case somebody else has experience with this and can archive on here for somebody else in the future, assuming anyone knows what I’m on about that is :)

By the way Webyep is marvellous, really rate it with a big thumbs up.

UPDATE: After puzzling over this for some time I kind of answered this in the post. It is Global Content that needs to be selected. Thought I would start from scratch with a different workflow. If creating a gallery, short title, text area etc without it being Global Content and then populate it online but then move the page that in turn changes the URL folder, then it will be lost as the ‘Data’ files will already have assigned prefixes on the server for not being Global Content. If you start as Global Content with unique field names content can be moved around. Will (Woodgate of Stacks4Stacks) if you are reading this… Would it be possible to change or update the stacks to have Global Content ticked by default and choose to untick? Unless there is some reason that this isn’t a good idea? Just sets you up for changes to site structure in the future with a website. Thought I would answer this to save somebody else the hassle in the future when they are searching the same issue.