Weird issue with navbar and Chroma

Morning gents, I wonder if @Lucas and @tav wouldn’t mind having a look at this…

Both pages consist of a regular UIkit Navbar inside a Chroma stack, which is set to change colour at stick.

One page has a Navbar set to manual (not RW menu) and there is an item in the left and right section. Chroma works.

The other page (linked to in the text on the page) there is no item is the left section and it’s breaking Chroma colour change.

Anyone any idea on a fix?


The navbar has zero height on the second page hence you are not seeing the background colour as there is nothing to give Chroma any height.

Do you see the nav bar if it is not in a Chroma? I’ve pulled it out in the inspector and it is still not visible

Yes, I see what you mean! They are both identical menus, just one has the left item, one doesn’t. Somehow the one without seems to kill the default menu height.

Which explains another issue I’ve hit.

Thanks Tav.

@Lucas Bug?

Set a height to the Navbar, enable it at Navbar Brand > Sizes.

OK, but why does having a left item set a default, and not having it mean you have yo set the height manually?

Be useful to understand this requirement.

And… Not at a computer right now, so can’t check. But, if you don’t want to have any branding can you still set the height via the branding section?

Yes, just tested with Tav’s stack and works.

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