What fund raising page?

I’m about to set up a finding page for some charity workers. I know there are a ton of these fund raising sites out there, but who is best/worth looking at?

If the charity is UK based, Just Giving looks like a good option https://www.justgiving.com

Thanks Neil, just had a look at that one and some others. OK, they do some work, but they do charge too! Cheapest appears to be about 3% plus a set charge per donation.

I have a Stripe account, and the fund raising will only be family and friends (should mention, the charity workers are family and they’ll only be raising money form other family and friends). So, I wonder if I can just set it up for the donations to go to Stripe, then I can pass the money on.

Stripe will only take 1.4% and 20p, so way cheaper.

Anyone know if this is legal? And if there is a Stripe stack that allows the donator to select the amount?

I have @yuzoolthemes Cart 2, anyone know if that has the facility for the payee to set their own amount? Failing that, I could just set up a series of set amount payment buttons.

Any ideas folks?

With the whole donation thing it is probably best to be as open and transparent as possible - my advice would be to leave that with the experts / dedicated sites.

Also, if it’s for a UK charity then dedicated sites (like Just Giving) make the whole ‘Gift Aid’ thing a lot easier. They’ll make more money out of that than what they’d lose with the fees.

It looks like you can get reduced processing fees with PayPal for accepting charitable donations. This is a link to the US site: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/donations

I can’t get the UK site to open on my phone - it keeps launching the app!

Perhaps see what is required to get your charity listed here, which I think is a UK site:

The DonateStack might be of help, for accepting payments with PayPal. I provide this stack free.


I should perhaps clarify some more.

Some family members will be raising funds to take part of a trip organised by a charity. They are going to some jungle somewhere to build huts or summit ;-) It’s a charity that works with schools and unis, not the easiest to get into as it took one of them two attempts to be accepted. To secure their place they’ve already paid a £500 deposit.

The way it works is they need to fund their own flights etc. and make a donation of £3k to the charity in question in June this year. They go in Aug. They are allowed to raise this £3k (not the flight money obviously!) This is what the find raising page is for.

To all intents and purposes they are not initially raising money to pass directly on to a charity, but raising money they that will then donate. My understanding is that this means they can’t use the PP free thing.

So, whilst the final recipient of the money raised will the be charity, they are in effect simply raising money for themselves (which they will then give away). My understanding is that this opens up the ways to collect the money, and so long as it’s all open and clear, we should be good.

Unless someone who knows more about this than someone who has just spent an hour or two scanning some websites (me)?

Checkout Stack also allows custom amounts now too:

And can switch PayPal off for that if an issue :)

Good luck with this. Sounds a worthy project!

I just installed Donorbox on a Wordpress site. It’s free for donations of under $1000/month.
It can link to various payment solutions and sends out receipts to the donors.

It can be set up for an organisation, an individual, or a commercial venture.