What Stack I need for this?

I want to know if something like this page interactive table can be done with Rapidweaver?

Sample Table I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance

Dead easy with Limelight.

I’ve just made something along similar lines in a new Foundry Template. Scroll down to the section with the buttons for level one, two and three. It’s the same principle.


I have Limelight!!! any tips?

It’s pretty easy to do, just work thru the docs. What framework are you using for the site?

EDIT: Just noticed the lovely Tav has a download demo on the site linked above which does exactly what you need. Called "Limelight-nested-demo. Get that, then just customise it to suit.




But that is tabs, I think this is about tables? There is several solutions for tables, just search for tables at the Rapidweaver site, then you will have several options. I mostly use Grid Iron 3.

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Hi Kent. It’s just setup to mimic tabs, it’s incredibly versatile and can be set up to look/work however you want.

Seriously, you just have to get Limelight and that demo and start playing. What the OP wants is completely doable with Limelight.

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Here is another example of limelight…


Scroll down slightly to the bit with the image slider on the left and the text section headed “Rental” on the right. Now click the button that says “map”. Now click “details”. That’s done with Limelight.

Oh, also if you click “more photos” that is also Limelight.

And finally… All the modals on that site are Limelight.

See… Versatile!


Hey Steve- how are you showing the montage of photos when Limelight initially shows up? Is there a way for Limelight to show a gallery? (if so, I’ve missed it). Thanks.

It’s @Jannis Gallery 3 inside the LL.


Many thanks - and thanks for the screenshot! I own his Repository Stack, plus several gallery stacks (but not his); after seeing your implementation, I’m going purchase his. That’s beautiful.


That site is built with Uikit3.

Thanks @dave, appreciate!

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