What stack to use 4 SVG image

Any SVG stacks that work drag and drop principle?
I need to scale up standard business card size image to bigger image for site.

@TapioMichael Hm, besides Tavs brilliant BluePrint SVG stack I only know this one:
It works with svg-files you either place on an ftp-server or drag and drop into the RW resources.

SVG’s ain’t images in the std sense, they are code that when viewed appear as images, much like html when viewed in a browser appears as a web page, in fact, svg’s are the same xml code that html pages are formatted in.

As such they cant be treated like jpg/png’s and ‘dropped’ on a page, they need to be embedded into the page or externally referenced (warehoused).
As pointed out you can use Tav’s BP SVG and paste the code from the svg into the stack to embed the image in the page or use an image stack that supports warehousing such as the Foundation Image stack.

Every image on this site (apart from business logos) are svg’s and I’m using BP SVG to display them: https://www.melody-methods.eu/

This stack is free