Which is best stack for creating checklists

I need to create some checklist pages on my site.

I figured a form stack would do the job. I have Formloom 4, which is excellent, but it is a little time consuming for doing long checklists.

I’m wondering if there’s something more appropriate be it a different form stack or anything else. I’m totally open and flexible. Any ideas peeps?

What about this stack…?


I love Tasklist. Works very nicely. Another Will stack.


How have I never stumbled across that. Clearly been searching in the wrong places.

Thanks @wolf


Oh, that is cool. I can see that being the perfect tool for giving clients to do lists for new website builds.

@wolf Found some time to check out the demo today and you are right - perfect.

I love it when stacks don’t just do what you need, but also have all the customization settings to get it to fit in perfectly with you site. This stack is an EXCELLENT example.

Thanks for you help Matthias.

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You’re welcome! :-)