Which video conferencing thing?

Nowadays I prefer to talk to clients by video opposed to phone call, or even email, as you get a much better understanding of what they are about when you can see them. My clients range from builders to florist to chemists, so a pretty wide range of types. At the moment I use Zoom, which thus far hasn’t been an issue, but I’m not entirely sure what is required from the users end to get going, do they need to install software etc?

In an effort to make things as easy as possible I’m wondering what else is out there and people use.

I have a free (ain’t they all free?) Skype account with my new Office account, so maybe that’s an option? I’ve never used Skype, so no clue how it works.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

I recently picked up a tool called Vectera (free trial available) and it looks pretty great for 1-2-1 / small meetings. Can share screens and even ‘co-browse’ on a browser page. Another bonus is that nothing needs installed by anybody.

There’s a lifetime deal available for it just now on AppSumo (<- affiliate link). I picked up 2 codes for it as this will allow for CNAME (own domain) use when they implement that (coming soon).

Well worth checking out…

I’m based in Bali with clients in Europe, US, Canada, pretty much all Asian countries and Australia.

WhatsApp Video for everyone with a couple of exceptions for Face time. Even though I give Skype as an option nobody has chosen it.

My client base is 25 to 35 with a fair bit of cash.

I use Zoom all the time and love it. Have used for 1-1 meetings with my students. But also larger groups (up to 50). My university has a sitewide license so that helps.

Relative to Skype: Zoom provides a clearer image, requires less bandwidth, and is smoother to use. Win win all around.

Users do need to install an app: but it’s super easy. They will be prompted when you send out an invite. Another advantage: they can use it on computer, tablet, or phone.

Finally, screen sharing is quite good and robust. Probably an important feature for your clients.

Yes, should have said, screen share a must. And remote control handy too.

These deals always put me off products/companies. What they are really saying with these Uber cheap lifetime deals is “we need to raise funds, fast, or we’re gonna run out, faster”.

Never a good prospect! Thanks for the info though.

Yeah - they are just startups looking for some cash to help move them forward. Some work some don’t. For the price I am happy to take a chance on ones that look useful to me.

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If I recall correctly, I attended a video conference the other day at my regular job (windows computer and no System Admin privileges) that used Zoom and it went smoothly. I requested to use the web app and it loaded without needing to download anything. I didn’t need to share my screen but I believe there was a button to do so.

Skype for Business (and Microsoft Lync before that) was a bit hit and miss for me on my work computer. Same with Google Hangouts - wasn’t always super reliable on my work computer/environment (though it always worked great at home)