Why do I still

…have these on my desk? I’ve not even had a machine with a DVD drive for about six years!

And not even DVD - RW


Hahaha I just looked under my desk and on the side cabinet is still a full spindle with LightScribe DVDs 😂

@TemplateRepo I see they’re DL, maybe you’ve kept them because they were so bloody expensive or hard to get? Those LIghtscribes were!

Indeed! They have been very useful for other occasions too 😃

I still have a few systems that can write to DVD-R & CD-ROMs

You mean as coasters or to scare off birds? 🤣

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Were they? No idea. I reckon I bought them ten plus years ago.

In the bin now.

It was your comfort blanket every time you fired up RapidWeaver. It took you back to a time when the data storage consumer market couldn’t figure out what to do next with the terminally ageing technology with the spectre of great things about to happen. I expect you were committed to the technology with your super fast DVD drive and the promise of lower cost DVD’s every year.

Understandable that when Classic was released, you finally realised that the technology had nowhere to go and abandoned the comfort blanket.

Funny to think that DVD’s were the main form of storage when RapidWeaver first appeared.

Also interesting that in those frequent multi App deals you see, often include DVD Apps for storage or creating DVD memories.

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I think I only ever used them for burning movies, back in the good old days of bit torrent downloads!

I did once find some discs labelled; docs-archive-2001, docs-archive-2002 etc. but the dvd drive in my iMac had long since stopped working (c.2 week after purchase) so I never discovered if the discs still worked.