X feed not working

I have a site with embedded twitter feed. I only just noticed its not working ! Is it no longer possible to add a X feed?

How was it embeded originally?

Didn’t Space Karen turn all that sort of thing off after he bought it?


Love that nickname! For those who don’t know where it came from, here’s an article from 2020:

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It is my understanding that Twitter feeds on websites no longer work. I have a site with the same problem.

just the embed code in a html stack. It worked perfectly … but must be an X thing !

Thanks yes I think it must be that , Gurrrrrrrr!

Yes I think it flip flopped between available/unavailable but there seem to be a lot of WordPress plugins that are still able to do something.

I did find this link on the X (I hate that branding) help site for html code to embed a timeline.