Yabdab GoCms

I know Yabdab’s GoCms is no longer available to purchase but does anyone here who uses the GoCms blog stack know how to remove the sidebar. I have tried adding this css in RW:
#go_sidebar { display: none; }
which hides it but I would like to remove it altogether

A you share a link of a page with the sidebar displayed. We can look at the code and tell you that way. (Most likely) :-)

Here’s the url:

I currently don’t have access to a computer. Somebody will probably jump in on the thread before me. But if not, I should be able to get to it by 4 PM central standard time.

I don’t if you saw this already or not (and if it actually removes it or just hides it) but just in case:

@jabostick Thanks for that. It removes the sidebar completely until I click on “Read More”

That’s what you wanted right?

Yes thanks

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