Yuzool Cart 2 & SCA Sept 14th deadline

Yuzool has updated their Checkout stack to be SCA compliant but have still heard nothing about Cart2. Anyone know if this needs an update or not? The lack of communication on this is very frustrating. I’m sitting here with 4 projects I’d like to get on with in Cart2 but cannot simply find out if this update needs to be done - and we’re 2 weeks off the SCA deadline.

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Same here. I’ve had to re-think the shopping page on one site due to launch last week. It was using C2, but in light of FA info I’ve had to pull it and rebuild with something else.

I like Micheal, he seems like a nice bloke, but sadly I can’t rely on him anymore so am pulling all instances of Cart2 from my sites.

It’s a real concern. I run a small business and I know it can be hard to do everything but I absolutely manage to reply to customer enquiries quickly. All we need here is an announcement so we know where we are.

What are you using for Stripe? I use Machforms for forms with payment (which is great and well supported) but really looking for a good solution for ad-hoc products and services - much like Cart2 offers.

I use Scripts, mostly from PHPJabber for all this sort of thing now. Sadly, I no longer have faith in many RW devs when it comes to things like ecommerce.

For the instances where I use Cart2 my PHPJabber store script is overkill, but it works and is 100% supported (took them five days upon request to make it SCA compliant*). Whereas I think most of the RW devs for ecommerce have thus far left everyone in the dark or made wishy washy promises about updating their stacks IF they turn out to not be compliant. Which, frankly, is bullshit.

For layout and design and utility stuff most of the RW are great, for the other stuff i’ve learnt to go outside the community.

*PHPJabber have charged for the SCA updates, from €100-200 depending on the script, so it’s been expensive, but if you want proper support, it costs, and that’s fair.

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A note from my side. I know that Michael is already looking into an update for Cart2, which turns out to be extremely complicated. More from him shortly I guess…


That I don’t doubt. But… Telling your customers nothing is worse than giving them bad news. We are 15 days away from D-day on this, you simply can’t keep people in the dark when in some cases their livelihoods (selling stuff online) rely on your products. A simple message a month ago along the lines of what you just said would put minds at rest, but in the void that is Yuzool information of late, eventually leads users will draw their own conclusions.

I don’t know what is going on with Micheal lately. I genuinely thought something horrible had happened to him recently, given he’s not even responded to his own support forum in over a month. I’m glad he’s OK, but personally I had to make other arrangements in the end.

well glad to hear but you seem to be the only person that knows this. It’s very simple to put a periodic forum announcement up telling customers where things are at. As @steveb correctly says, saying nothing is worse than bad news - it just leaves us all in the dark. It is completely beyond me that @yuzool can’t communicate a bit better. It’s in his interest as well.

Len (and others, too), if you use Sitelok, by any chance, Adrian has Stripe 2 plugin ready. That plugin supports SCA. I know that is not what you’ve asked for, but maybe you can consider it as a substitute…

… which is the same as checkout 2 by @yuzoolthemes

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Cart 2 is in progress @Manofdogs - a more complicated update but still hoping to get it ready for September 14th … 😅 👍

Even huge companies like Selz.com are not 100% going to get their stuff ready for then. It really is a grey zone but will do my best to get Cart ready 🤩


Hey @yuzoolthemes Michael, I’ve just watched your Cart 2 video and it looks like the perfect solution for an artist shop site I’m going to build. If I buy it now, will the new update be free or should I just wait until the new one is out (i.e. will it be so different I’d have to rebuild).


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Please wait @rojharris :)

I should have a release on this next week (hopefully)!