Yuzool Wall Stack

My favorite stack Yuzool Wall stack does not seem like its being updated or supported. Recently vimeo isn’t working, along with twitter, and facebook posts. Any ideas?

Sounds like one for the revitalised @YuzoolSupport to weigh in on…

Dear Mr. Beattie,

Thank you.

Dear Sadeer,

Due to the frequent changes in the terms and conditions of their respective APIs, the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram parts of Wall Stack are no longer functioning and there is nothing we can do about it. Unfortunately we had to temporarily retire this Stack. Once the APIs are more stable, we will look to update this stack. In the meantime, we have no longer been selling it for some months and are monitoring the API updates." It is on our enhancement list to update this stack in the future. Kind regards,

Support Team at Yuzoolthemes.com