Yuzoolthemes Navigation stack remove Google Fonts

Hi everybody out there
I use the Yuzoolthemes Navigation stack and was pretty happy to do so. But I learned that the Stack will generate access to the Google Fonts server, even if no Google Font is selected. German and European GDPR doesn’t allow access to the Google Fonts server without consent. I don’t use Google Fonts and don’t want to manage the consent. Is there any chance to remove the Google Server access by a modification of the stack code?

I think if you find the stack, “Show Package Content”,open the content folder, open the resources folder, find the template.html file and delete this code:

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1.6.16/webfont.js"></script>
			google: {
  				families: ['Oswald', 'Open Sans','Ubuntu','Roboto','Oxygen','Orbitron']

I tried it and it seemed to work still. I havent checked if it still calls google though, I am very busy these day.

Don’t forget to make a copy of the stack before trying this.

Maybe some developers can say if this is OK to do or not.

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Without further checking, this looks ok.

If there is no other reference to Google like in the CSS template, this should be all.

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Thank you Kent and Jannis for looking into it and giving the helpful advice