Zoom Tutorials

It would be really great if developers/experienced RWers might consider doing some Zoom tutorials. I would love to learn from all of you, not only about your own stacks but about how you go about designing/building/troubleshooting a site or a stack. Any subject RW wise actually!! lol

I have attended Marten’s tutorials for nearly a year now and as well as learning a huge amount they have also been really good fun. Zoom really does make it easy to share. So Im really keen to ask you all… How do you fancy a “expert spot!”!!!

And if you are thinking this might be one more thing that you have to worry or do, if you want, as I have a zoom subscription I would be happy to host any sessions, sort out who is coming and do all that admin stuff and all you would have to do it turn up and teach!!

What do you think?, devs and experienced ones!! And potential participants?
What do you think?

(And @Marten if you want to host this - DO!!!)


Mmmmm Ive been thinking about this since posting the main topic
Here’s my thoughts. Some of them will be suggesting things that very well might be obvious!)

Whats in it for developers?

  1. Have fewer support requests, because people buying your stacks will be getting some direct learning
  2. Get to up-skill keen enthusiasts. These enthusiasts are then likely to help answer some of yours and other devs support questions on forums like this one
  3. Have immediate feedback of aspects of your work that doesn’t make sense to end users
  4. Learn directly what is important to end users.
  5. Video the session and add it to your support portfolio
  6. Help develop and sustain a supportive happy RW community
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That’s a very interesting idea, Alix. I think there’ll be a few developers here who would be happy to take you up on that.

I certainly like the idea of building up a library of tutorials in our Resources category.

Another approach we could consider is one which directly targets users needs, whereby forum members suggest specific topics they would like to learn, then vote on each topic, and then when a topic reaches a certain number of votes, we organise a workshop session with interested/available experts/developers.

I really like the idea of having regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly Workshops, where we can begin to share for all our benefit the wealth of experience and knowledge of all our members. We have some very talented people among us with a range of creative skills and passions, and with this forum and tools like Zoom we now have the means to help, teach, contribute, share…