Announcing: EcwidPro, the next generation of the Axyn Ecwid Stacks

Hello @guypuggers123,

When I visit and navigate to the catalog, I can’t seem to reproduce the error in any of my browsers, the site seems to be functioning properly.

I also, published it at, and neither here I see the reloading issue.

I’m not sure where to go from here since I see no errors.

Have you changed anything in the project since you sent it to me?



Hello @Ricardo

My apologies, I think I sent you the project file without the store paths being set to prevent the issue occurring.
I’ll email you the problem project now.

All the best

Thanks @guypuggers123,

I will work on it later today.

OMG!!! I’m super happy with this! and thank you so much for the discount!! your stacks are so great that I will love to see it working with shopify and square and all the big names too! is that good! I will buying it right away! Thanks. Here’s one of the site recently I developed with your stacks: MFCstore

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Hi @albertkinng,

OMG, Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot.
I’m very happy that you are enjoying EcwidPro.

I have more surprises coming in version 2.2.0… stay tuned.

Your website looks great! Maybe I should shout to everyone to send me links to their websites using EcwidPro and showcase them in the Axyn Website… what do you think?



Hi @guypuggers123,

I got the project and responded to your email. I still have not been able to reproduce the issue with the page reloading when published.

I tested it with all release versions of EcwidPro starting with v2.0 to the current 2.2.0 beta.



In the latest version of EcwidPro, you can add the following stack, in the Utility are of the customizer, and it will line up all of the “Buy Now” buttons, when the long product titles wrap to extra lines in some products.
There are not settings on this stack. Just add it and voila!

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 2.16.59 AM



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Hejsan Ricardo

I may have a potential customer that could use a webstore. It is a burger restaurant with 3 restaurants. One thing he need is the ability to print orders when they come in. Automatically, so the kitchen can prepare the order. Would such a thing be possible with Ecwid and your stacks?

Kind Regards


Hi @Kent ,

I pinged my contact at Ecwid about your question.
In the meantime I’ll look thru the API to see if it is something that I can implement via EcwidPro.



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Hej Ricardo. Ok that will be fantastic :-)

Hej Ricardo

So I got your stacks. I have one question, I am sure I will have many more :-) I will be needing other payment options, this is the main reason why I got your stacks. So in Denmark most companies uses NETS, and it is possible to make that work with Ecwid through third party plugins for Ecwid. So my question is, will such a payment solution conflict with your stacks?

Kind Regards

PS I am totally new to Ecwid, so bear with me if my questions is uninformed.
Ps. I have already made a new shop for my customer and I have integrated it with his rapidweaver based site. Quite amazing combination, your stacks and Ecwid.

Hi @Kent,

The payment processors available in Ecwid vary from country to country. If you open a new (free) Ecwid Account in Denmark, it should be automatically localized. That being said, I would be glad to help you thru it.

Thanks, I love to hear that!!
My goal is to continue to improve on the stacks UI especially in edit mode. I’m currently working on v2.2.0 which brings several of those, new stacks, and new areas of control and customization.

I can’t wait to see your site!



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BTW, I contacted Ecwid about printing orders automatically again today to a different department. I will let you know as soon as they contact me back.

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If you’d like to try the newest beta (keeping in mind that things can change in the final release), I can email it to you.


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Hi Ricardo,

Just upgrading to Ecwid Pro v2…I have a quick question please.

I have unticked the Ecwid 1.1.7 but I also have another stack called Ecwid Advanced Store 1.1.0 please see screenshot.

Do I also need to disable that stack too?

Looking forward to working with Ecwid Pro v2

Thanks Scott

Hello @scottf,

Yes, disable both of those, and then double click on EcwidPro v2, to install the new suite of stacks.

Let me know if you have any issues and need any further assistance. I hope that you love EcwidPro!
I am working on more stacks that will soon be added to the suite.



Great thanks Ricardo,

Please another question, I’m trying to change the colour on the store front page for just the discounted “Save %” text. see screenshot…so just the the word Save and % amount.

I can do it once onto the product page but how do I change just these on the Store page please?

Thanks Scott

Hi Scott,

I will add a setting to the customizer to take care of that entire line’s elements.
For now, just use the customizer’s child stack, in the utilities area, called: Style Ecwid Classes
and add the following classes in the Class or ID text box:
Then you can style the Save % text anyway you want, and not just the color. You can make it bigger text on hover, different color, style the font etc.




Great thanks Ricardo, I’ll try that and look forward to the next update.
Cheers Scott

I just found out about this plugin and have a few questions…
I am building a site for my pen business that matches my eBay, Etsy and other locations for sales.

I tried using another project file framework and that was not working at all. The project had errors all over the place including issues in RW and on the store.

I had signed up with ECWID way back as a thought, but it just links the store page with no customization for that shop after i added it to the RW project file.

Part of my plan was to have a blog page to write about the pens for sale as well once in a while doing videos of the pen and how it works for clients.

I licensed out TotalCMS already but that is something I have to seriously study to get working.

Once of the recommended stacks that is listed is no longer showing up at that URL.

Is ECWID PRO still being developed and supported?

Can I add a blog post or video to the listings?