Background behind the Notice stack?

I want to expand the dark background to the whole page. I’m using Notice Stack by 1DL Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve this?

What I’m trying to accomplish?
A client wants an age verification pop up when website is up. I bought Explicit Stack from Doobox but client don’t want the cross and checkmark, just the word YES and NO instead. I asked Doobox and he said is not possible to change that. So I bought Notice, a more customizable stack to create the same pop up the client loved with the words YES and NO as he asked for. Now the background doesn’t cover the whole page behind and I wish someone here can help me to achieve this even with a css code if possible. Thanks

limelight, on page load, full screen with lightbox of a color without transparency.
The page is blocked in full screen until you click on the YES button (where you have put the class to close the lightbox).
inside you can put all the stacks you want and customize everything.
I would do so.


Only once on paga load:
will work on a per session basis properly - i.e. closing the browser and re-opening it will cause the content to be shown again.

Playing around with Notice, set the max height to 100% in the HUD and then add this little hack to the page or site CSS.
[id^='notice_stacks_in_'] {height: 100%;}


this is an example:
until you click on ENTRA. the page remains locked.

Why not put the notice stack at the bottom of the screen and use something like BWD’s PIN to “move it to the top of the page” on page load?

I’m not on a machine with RW at the moment, so i can’t test it out for you, but in theory that won’t leave a gap at the top.


Really? I already paid for two stacks, This one is a paid stack as well?

FREE by magic Andrew

In case you want to try to use Limelight, once you have inserted the two source buttons YES and No, the Yes give the class limelight-close-all, the NO give the address you want.
Since it’s a site for over 18s, 21, you could blur the background by inserting this in the CSS:
open .stacks_top {
filter: blur (10px);

(change the blur using px)

this is an example of how it comes out, I have entered Limelight as a menu.

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Download all of Andrew’s stacks, they are great and must-have.

thanks Andrew for existing 🙏

No worries, Pin is completely free:


This will be my next try. It seems the best option right now.

Hey, thanks for that code!! It really made the dark background possible! Do you know how to be able to enter the page and no longer see the pop up? I ended up in a loop when the home page is assigned to the “yes” button.

@Gianluca Can you send me a project file to see how is done with that stack?

do you have Source?

ok 👍

In the project I sent you, perhaps in your case a cookie would be better than inserting only once, let’s see what Andrew thinks. (Perhaps in your case it is better not to select it and always leave the lightbox displayed.)
@Tav can you store a cookie in Limelight (After and type only once), to keep the lightbox active even in a page change?
because if you are redirected or you change the page, then on return the lightbox with only once is not displayed.
Or maybe it would be enough to store only once only when the lightbox is actually closed (by class, on the button)?

Limelight previously used cookies but now uses the modern privacy friendly alternative of session variables to achieve the same thing. It should only show once per browser session - i.e. if you return to the page it will not show again.

you can modify, in the sense that, if a person actually clicks to close the lightbox, either with the X or with the class, this lightbox will not be displayed per session.
Because as it is now just refresh the page that the lightbox disappears, it is not useful.
is this modification feasible?
or by adding a cookie?

@tav As it is now, I realized that it is of little use if it disappears without a user really wanting it.

I made a little JS example of doing a “notice” type thing that could be dismissed for @TemplateRepo. That used Sections but it could use anything.

OK, I understand the requirement now (trying to catch up after my holiday). So what we are really talking about is a “don’t allow re-opening once closed”.

Of course, all this stuff is easily possible but I don’t want to overcomplicate the stack - it has had a lot of additions recently and I’m conscious that it can’t be all things to all people.

I would like it not to reappear exclusively if one wants it, i.e. it does not have to reappear only if I click on a closing class or the X.
Otherwise, if I change the page or refresh it, it must continue to appear.
In practice it must always appear, and disappear for the session only if one clicks on the close class or the X.