Best image optimizer for modern Macs?

I have used ImageOptim for that purpose for about 15 years. It’s been the best app in its class, hands down. Unfortunately, looks like it is not developed anymore. The developer did not reply to my enquiry.

I hope you, guys, can recommend a substitute that works natively on modern Macs? Just don’t mention RMS Squash. I have this app and it needs Rosetta to function (you should see the solitary comment on Apple Store)…🥺

@habitualshaker – Hi, Stuart, do you have Squoosh? I’ve seen your post about it some time ago (do not mistake it for Squash). Are you satisfied with it? Does it work with PNG and GIF formats as well as JPG?

Does anybody else use Squoosh?

You won’t be disappointed with Retrobatch - it also handles automations via Applescript if you are so inclined.


Like @paul.rowe I use Retrobatch (Pro). Very solid and great. The most flexible solution.

For one-off images (e.g. 1-2 screenshots I want to optimize) I typically do use Squoosh and/or TinyPNG as it’s just quicker (not sure they are “better” than Retrobatch).

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Squoosh is excellent. Not sure if the App has been updated but the web version should work fine.

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try this app


I also use Retrobatch Pro. I keep a folder on my desktop titled ‘convert’ - and when I need to run a process (Images to Webp; scale and/or crop, etc. I …


Good morning, @paul.rowe, @mitchellm, @Webdeersign, @Multithemes, @dave

Thank you all, guys, for your kind responses.

I do have Retrobatch Pro. Few months back, I have compared and analyzed results from Retrobatch to results from ImageOptim regarding quality and size. In both respects, ImageOptim came out on top. However, Retrobatch will remain as one of possible candidates for me. And it runs natively on my new Mac.

I will definitely give a try to Squoosh and Optimage. As I always do, I will have to run comparison tests and then choose a winner. 🤓

I’d be interested to hear back what you choose and why.

It may take me a while, since I have a lot of things on my plate.

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This is my go to app for compressing images. It does a really good job and it’s free!! Only knock is that it won’t compress webp images, I use pixelmator pro for that.

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Image optimization via PNG mini, recommended several years ago by Nick Cates, former RapidWeaver theme and Stacks developer.

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We just wanted to chime in here to clear up any confusion.

Squash 3 does not require Rosetta. Squash 3 runs natively on Apple Silicon based Macs. It’s written in Swift and Swift UI, so is probably one of the most modern (and native) imagine compressors on the Mac.

Squash 3 costs $19.99 a year, but you can cancel your subscription and continue to use the app forever (you just won’t receive update).

We love Squash and use it every week here at Realmac HQ. While we understand it’s not for everyone, it actually does quite a few handy things that some of the other free compressors don’t.

You can download a free demo from the Realmac Software website and to take it for a spin. If you do decide to buy it, you can use this coupon to save 50% on the first year: Squash4All

Thanks for your time ✌️

EDIT: This is very sad. We tried to post a link directly to our site, but it seems the Realmac Software domain has been blocked.

Can the admins please explain why we’ve been blocked from linking to Realmac Software? cc @tav @Marten

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Hey @tav @Marten, can you step in and resolve this.

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My combo is PhotoBulk and Image Shrinker. However I’m now looking to replace Photobulk with retrobatch, that retrobatch looks amazing.

@RapidWeaver A quote from former NFL Coach Bill Parcells could prove instructive, “You are what your record says you are.”


I recently grew tired of the error codes generated by the SVG optimization website I usually use, so I found this nifty little utility on the App Store. It was quite affordable too. It does an excellent job compressing various image formats and even allows you to convert and compress images into a different format than the original.


I have several live streams that review many of the apps talked about here…


I have purchased Squash on February 19, 2017. Since then, there were updates that Apple sent me notifications about and I have updated the app all the way to v.2.0.4.

When I was there a couple of days ago, the only version available was the one I just mentioned above (before today the blue button said “OPEN”, referring to v.2 installed on my computer – no mention of v.3). Now, all of a sudden, Squash 3.0.2 is available. So, who is lying – Apple or RML?

Anyway, I installed v.3 and indeed, the app opens on my new Mac without suggesting that I install Rosetta. I will give it a try. I hope the comment at AppStore no longer applies to v.3. We’ll see…

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Hey, @joeworkman, for some reason these streams do not work for me – neither from here nor directly from YouTube. Any idea what might be the reason?