Boostrap 5 and Rapidweaver

I started working for a new agency that required me to convert many website designs into HTML. After delivering the HTML documents made with Rapidweaver, the agency asked for the designs to be converted into Bootstrap 5. I need to know if it is possible to create Bootstrap 5 files using Rapidweaver before spending money. Additionally, I would like to know how many framework stack builders use Bootstrap 5, and which stack package, between Rapidweaver Foundry Stacks and Rapidweaver Competitor Blocs, is closer to exporting projects into Bootstrap 5 files.

Foundry 3 is bootstrap 5, i believe.

As is Jannis’ blank theme Home | Blankstrap 5

As for whether either can ‘export Bootstrap 5 files’ I’m not totally sure what that means…



I think they might be referring to the bootstrap.min.css or bootstrap.css, these are the “core” CSS files that contain all the styles for Bootstraps components, buttons, forms, navigation etc. With this, any developer can style the HTML elements.

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Check with the vendors mentioned, but I’m sure since their platforms are based on BS 5 this not an issue. However my guess is you will have to recreate “copy/paste” them in those platforms. No “exporting.”

^ this.

@albertkinng the agency just wants the assurance that if you part ways with them, they’ll still be able to maintain and expand the sites that you build for them.

Having said that: they could just pull the CSS files that @Kent mentions from the published site of course.


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If I purchase Foundry, can I utilize Rapidweaver to construct the site and export it as a folder of documents, which can then be utilized by others without any issues?

Yes. That’s it.

Define without any issues.

Every web developer is able to utilize every export of RW regardless of the used theme and framework.

Being said, no standard Bootstrap developer would use the Bootstrap framework in the way how it’s done in the combination with RW, Stacks and Foundry.

The closest would be either using Blocs or something like Bootstrap Studio.


Blocs! I think that’s the way to go. I hope it doesn’t have a bad learning curve!

Blocs5 produces much simpler code that if anyone in the future is going to hand edit, will be much easier. Also Blocs always uses the latest stable release of Bootstrap and historicaly has been updated with every new version.

Depends how much of a rush you’re in.

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Although they are currently accepting my Rapidweaver exports, as I mentioned earlier, they have a preference for Bootstrap. Therefore, I believe I have around one to two months to learn Blocs and begin delivering their projects through your Blocs application. I have watched a few videos on YouTube, and it seems somewhat reminiscent of a platform I utilized in 2004 called Draggie. Perhaps your app was inspired by that platform.

If they want bootstrap, they want bootstrap. If you want to work in a WYSIWYG type of environment best bet is to get pinegrove and work directly with Bootstrap.

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Since last November I’ve been wanting to get closer to Blocs and learn how to use it to “refresh” all my websites.
Unfortunately the only thing that is stopping me is that there is no valid GDPR system in Blocs yet. Relying on monthly payment solutions from some online company doesn’t seem right to me, something as simple as CookieJar2, simple and effective, would be enough in Blocs, indeed it would be optimal if Blocs itself managed the entry of cookies.
Unfortunately, the fines in Europe are high, there is little money, and it is difficult for companies to want to spend more money each month to have their cookies managed.
So I’m forced to stay in RapidWeaver.
But the desire to learn Blocs remains, I really like how it works.

So help me understand. Is it necessary to have a GPDR notification if the site does not use cookies?


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy law that affects web development in several ways. Websites that collect or process personal data of users located in the European Union (EU) must comply with GDPR regulations to protect user privacy. This means that web developers must ensure that their websites have appropriate consent mechanisms, data processing practices, and data protection measures in place. GDPR specifically requires transparency in data collection, purpose limitation, data minimization, and user rights such as the right to access, rectify, and delete their personal data. As a result, web developers must ensure that their websites are designed and developed with GDPR compliance in mind to avoid legal and financial penalties.


The option is intriguing, but it appears that even though they offer a one-time payment, they still require a subscription for animations or interaction on your page. It’s unclear why they would offer this option if it ends up being the same deal for half the price.

I took a look at their website, and it doesn’t seem as user-friendly as Blocs, and it’s not even true Bootstrap 5. This is starting to become complicated, and all I need is to export a site on Bootstrap 5 so that my agency can work with the documents. It’s getting frustrating trying to find a simple solution. I originally thought buying Foundry would solve the problem, but it seems to be a more complex task than anticipated.

I’ll give Blocs and Pinegrow a try and see which option my agency will be happy working with.

So does Blocs or Rapidweaver by default use cookies or other information gathering techniques? Does GDPR require the notification for even the session controls, etc that a normal web server uses to make connections, handshake, etc.

Why does their website need to be bootstrap?

Pinegrow is an editor. Just load up whatever framework you want, and go. What will be outputted is pure bootstrap, if that’s the framework you load up to work with.

I don’t see how what they make their own website with is of any relevance.


It’s what the boss asked for. Sometimes if you want a paycheck…that’s the answer.