Building an RW site with an ECWID store embedded

I’m (possibly) about to pick up a job to build a website for a client and add his ECWID store to it. It’s not normally something I’d get involved with, but it’s an existing (good) client, so I’m a little commited. Plus of course, the days of being able to turn away well paid work in the web building sector are fading!

I know ECWID does a plug in for RW, but I’m not familier with how it works, or if it’s been updated in the last few years.

I also know that @Ricardo does some ECWID stacks, but again, I’ve no experience of them.

Has anyone gone either of these routes? Does ECWID play nicely with RW? Limitations? Should I just say no?


Hi @TemplateRepo ,

Ecwid is very easy to integrate into RW+Stacks and EcwidPro. Additionally it includes lots of built in functionality not found anywhere.

Also, Ecwid itself is easy to work with, to setup products, shipping, payments etc.

If you open a store via my affiliate link on my website, you may qualify for a rebate on your EcwidPro stacks purchase. Check the details here:

Start with the free store and you can begin exploring the Ecwid dashboard.

A few pointers:

  1. Open the free store ( you can upgrade later) with your client’s email, that’s where the purchases notifications go. It can be changed, but it’s easier to start already with the right one.

  2. If you’re interested on the rebate, please contact me after opening your free store (before upgrading to a paid plan) to verify that it was properly created. Use incognito mode to create your store.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks for that. I thought the client already had an Ecwid store, but just chatting with him and while he does, for this project he needs to start a new Ecwid account, so I’ve given him your affliate link.

Have you any examples of using your stacks to add Ecwid to a RW site? I’d love to see them.

Finally, for now, I’ll be using Foundry3. Everything working ok with that framework?

Hi @TemplateRepo (Steve)

Examples come bundled with the package. You can go to my website for details on how to use, it’s quite simple, and I’m always around to help. Basically to get going (at the bare minimum), all you need is 2 stacks:

  1. The EcwidPro Base Stack
  2. The EcwidPro Store Stack

In the base stack you need to enter your store id. Once you do that you can already preview your store.

The customizer stack is used to style your store.

The EcwiPro works with all frameworks available for Stacks at this time, inclined Foundry3.

There are many using it… in this forum, maybe some of them will ping in. @wolf, @handshaper , @Derrick amongst many.

Let me know if you have more questions.


If you are building out any Ecwid store, the EcwidPro stacks are a must-have. They are simple to use, but a lot of power and customization is available.

Plus, more importantly, there is excellent support available.


Can anyone post links to live examples?

I suspect this project isn’t happening now as the client has hit a number of problems with Ecwid customer support. But as I’ve retired my own e-commerce solution I’m still interested to see Ecwid and RW in the real world for future reference.

I’ve used the EcwidPro stacks on this client site: Unsere Sekte / Shop - Sektkellerei Sieben GmbH


That’s brill, thanks.

It has one of the key features I want, which is a cart in the menu, on all pages. I see you have that, and that when clicked it always takes you to the store page. But… I see that cart totals don’t appear on any page, other than the store page.

Is this an error in the setup on tyhe site, or is this how the stacks work?


Hm, can’ tell you by heart. Done that site about 2 years ago and the client loves how everything’s working. Would have to open the project and dive into the configuration of that stack, but unfortunately don’t have the time currently for that…

I wonder if @Ricardo could answer that one?

Hi @TemplateRepo,

If framework has a zone on the nav menu where you can drop a stack then it’s quite simple. Otherwise, you need create a container for the nav menu and the shopping cart.

Here’s a site with that feature (using UIKIT3)

It has also the cart in the mobile off-canvas menu.

But does the cart show the total on all pages, or just the store page?

As you can see in the example @wolf posted, the cart stack in the nav bar only contains the cart total on the store page. All other pages the cart shows as empty. I’m trying to establish if this is how the stacks work, or if it’s the way that site is set up.



Yes it does.

Go ahead and add some products to the cart.

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Ah yes, I can see on the site you linked to it does indeed do that. It must just be the way Wolf has his site configured that stops that working.

Many thanks.

I think that he’s using just an icon linking to the cart.


Hi @TemplateRepo ,

What would be the email address that your client used to create the Ecwid account? I can check if it was created or not.

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Hi, what’s the best email address to use to send it to you off-forum?

You can also check out the GoEcwid project from @Davide goEcwid | Project file for Rapidweaver

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I sent you a DM

@TemplateRepo ,

I was just wondering how you commence project was going?