Excellent idea


Very pleased to see this forum and encouraged by the number of developers who intend to use it.

Thanks for setting it up.



+1 Rob
Delighted by this development. Look forward to interacting, perhaps even helping, other weavers out-with the limits imposed on other forums!


Initially I thought ‘do we need another RW forum’.

On reflection it’s a resounding yes.

I follow the other 2 forums reasonably closely but one’s probably a little lightweight these days for more complex issues and the other is quite heavily biased towards a single developer. (I’m not knocking either and I’ve full respect for JW’s effort and his hard work).

It’s great to see a dedicated developers supported forum.
Best wishes to all the instigators.


And we get reunited with steveb and @Webdeersign and @Kryten - so it really is a Happy New Year.

Thank you Marten and tav :)



I found this little troll @yuzoolthemes outside and invited him to come in. I hope he behaves 🤞


@yuzoolthemes Michael great you are here now. Even if always late to the party.


So does that mean there are folks here who don’t participate in the main RW forum?


The ones thrown out there 'cause they didn’t behave well there like @steveb and @Webdeersign

Seems rw4all is the place for the hopelessly stranded people…


I’ll take hopelessly stranded over hopelessly castrated any day…


Ouch 🥚 🍳


Fashionably late @inStacks-Jannis … I wouldn’t want to be in a club that would have me for a member anyway 😬


I tried to get banned from the RM forum last week so I’d get a year of bragging rights but I failed miserably … I’ll have to try harder next time.


Try being more ‘unkind’, perhaps, that was working well for me ;-)


I haven’t realized that so many of you were actually banned from the main RW forum. Throughout the years on that forum, I’ve never seen any reason whatsoever for you to be banned.

But I have noticed your absence and I missed you, guys.


Great to see this place ticking along and raising a smile without the prospect of forum threads being shut down, closed off or shut down and hidden from view.


Sounds bit like a self-helping group of anonymous alcoholics 🍻




Such as waste of valuable community members. @Marten and I have invested in a sausage making machine instead.


My Mother’s maiden name is Cumberland so I’m already halfway there, be sure to add some onion and rosemary before you put me through the mincer, I think I’d taste to much of stupid without them.


You should clearly be banned for being a blatant non-vegan!


Tasty 😋 getting hungry now… 🤤

I’d like to preorder 2 pound. Do you take online payment?