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The new home for pre-built projects for UIkit3 is now live!

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What is UIki3?

UIkit3 is a new framework for Rapidweaver by @lucas FROM Weavers Kingdom that is taking the RW community by storm. With over 70 stacks and an enormous library of easy to apply “classes”, it’s one of the only frameworks on the market today that enables you to build awesome websites without having to resort to third-party stacks.

UIkit3 For RapidWeaver is not only the most complete framework today, but it’s also fast. Really fast. BLISTERINGLY FAST!


If you haven’t yet experienced UKit3 For Rapidweaver, get it here:

What is UiKitter?

UiKitter is the new home of the pre-built projects for Uikit3. We also build custom projects to order.

The website is live where you can read all about us and sign-up to get 50% off our projects when the store launches.



Nice done @steveb!

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Nice Steve, well done. Happy to see nice things happening to UIkit and it’s users!


Hi folks, just wanted to update: I have now completed building the new store section of the website, and we’re nearing completion. The last thing to be done is the inclusion of a tips section, where we plan to collect together hints and tricks for getting the most out of UIkit3 for RapidWeaver and publish them in the one place.

All things considered, we hope to launch the site next weekend, with the first projects being ready a few days later.

If you want a discount on the projects at launch, be sure to signup for our newsletter:

Keep Kitting!


Just a heads up for people. The site is down.

There appears to be a problem at the registrar’s end with the newly registered domain name They are looking into it and it should start working again shortly.


Hi Steve,

I have been trying to sign up for the newsletter on and off over the last few days but when I click the ‘subscribe’ button nothing happens…It doesn’t seem to acknowledge the click… I turned off ad blockers etc but still no joy. This is on Chrome? Any ideas


That’s odd, I’ll go and check.

The site moved from the dev server to its new home a few days ago, so I suspect it’s something to do with that.

HI, yes, Joes Post Office stack seems to not like this server, no doubt I need to check some PHP settings, which I’ll get on to later.

In the mean time I’ve reverted to a manual subscription system, so use away at the form now on the site, your email address will get added to the list no problem.

Hey Steve did you tried using the UIkit Form for this? I use it in my websites with Sendy and works just fine.

I’ve just emailed you about exactly that!

Yes you can link to Sendy just like I do. An example is included in the Tests project at the Form page, take a look and let me know.

It doesn’t appear that straight forward, as I have over 60 “brands” in my Sendy install, so need to nail the subs down to a list, and that doesn’t seem to be obvious, as the link in the demo is just

How have you nailed down the subs to a list?


In the Custom action I use the WK domain which is already a separate brand in Sendy:

You’ll also need an input with Type: hidden and Name: list, then a Button with Type: submit and you’re done.

Ok, but how do I tell Sendy which list to add the subscription to? There are 100’s of lists in my install, i need to nail it down to the UIkitter subs list, which as you know Sendy applies a very long list ID!

In the hidden “list” field, do I click custom value and put the list ID in there?

I don’t use it myself but you are able to enter a custom value to that hidden input field.

OK, but if you’re not using it, and the form on your site works, how is the form telling sendy list list to add the subscriber too? This is what I’m not understanding.

My Sendy install, which lives on it’s own domain, has 60 plus brands with hundreds of lists. Any form that connects to it needs to specifiy which list it wants the subscriber added to, and I’m not seeing a way to do with with the UIkit form, plus it seems you are not specifying the list, but it’s working!

Has your Sendy instal only got the one brand (WK) and the one list? Perhaps in this situation, Sendy doesn’t need the list specified, as there is only the one.

@Lucas I have just inspected the signup box on your site, and you are specifying the list id, it appears to be as I thought in the hidden input field. So I’ve tried it on a test form, but I’m still getting an error. So, there must be something missing from the jigsaw, but what?

EDIT: The values for the button on your site also differs to the one in the demo…

Yours looks like this…

`<button type="submit" class="uk-button uk-button-danger" name="submit" id="submit" value="">SUBSCRIBE</button>`

Demo looks like this…

<button id="" class="uk-button uk-button-primary " type="submit" href="#" target="" rel="">Submit</button>

So I’m wondering if this is the missing piece?

It differs a little comparing to the demo. Just tested here and works:

  • on the input hidden enter the list ID in the custom value field
  • be sure that the Disable this field is not checked

You may test locally too, no need to upload the form.

I’ve tried that, not working for me.

I edited my last post as you were typing, you may have missed the edit…

The button on the WK site differs when inspected to the one in the demo, I’m wondering if that is the key to the problem?

I’ve attempted to edit the button in the demo, but when set to “submit” there appears to me no way to change the button values.

Perhaps, as the version of the signup box is working on your site, you can rip out the subscription section, remove your details and share that? Or, give me details how to make the button in the demo behave the same as the one on your site (assuming this is why the demo won’t work, but the WK one does?)