"Platform" by J. Barth: Another freeform framework

Bought it with 80% discount, but not sure if I’ll use it for client work in the future. Never before heard of the “Bulma” front-end framework. Anyone…?


Looks like it doesn’t ship with a menu stack, which is a bit odd.

It looks like there is a menu stack but it’s named: Powerbar.

That sounds odd - not that you bought, the 80% is too high.

Absolutely - I don’t know of a stack that @wolf has not bought yet :)


Fair enough. My comments was based on all the demo projects being single page affairs with no menu, the wording on the site, which says building web pages not web sites. And, the video, which appears to not include a menu.

Oh boy, you are so right…! :-)

@steveb Got it. Makes sense.

Maybe @wolf can give us a super-quick first impressions of Platform.

Would love to do so, but won’t have time left for this in the next 2–3 weeks (too much client-stuff to work on)…

Let us know how fast it is in Edit and Preview if you can.

Hi Guys,

hi there, it’s me, the developer of the Platform framework.

I am happy to answer all your questions.

Just a few words about what I read in this post:

  • there is a menu stack (of course - it is called PowerBar :-)
  • 80% discount is for the first 10 buyers only
  • if you would like to find out about Bulma, here is the link: https://bulma.io



Apologies for the mis-information!

No problem! Maybe I should make this more prominent on the web site…

It was really just based on the demo projects all being single page sites, with no discernable menu system.

A list of the included stacks would be a good idea.

Ha! I guess @wolf was even first 😛

Well, then 80% makes sense.

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How does Platform play with 3rd party stacks from One little designer, weavium, etc.?

@Jannis Ha ha…, you all know me quite well… ;-)

With so many stacks out there, it is not possible to provide a general answer.

Of course, I have tested quite a few, particularly my other non-Platform related stacks, no issues at all.

We worked hard to make sure Platform plays nicely with other stacks, however with so many available it is impossible to know.



Platform. Great job Juergen 👍🏻


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll test out with 3rd party menu systems and post if anyone is interested.