Rapidcart Pro and 8.1.X heads up: It's busted!

Just a heads up for RCP users, it seems it’s one of the many plugins broken by 8.1.x. Rob says the RCP boyos are working on a fix.

Yet more reasons (as if you needed any more) not to upgrade beyond 8.0.3.

(I didn’t find this out myself, I’m still on 8.0.3 and will be for the foreseeable future, I just read it on the other forum).

Yes I have a friend having this exact issue. He had to send his project file to 4ground and they confirmed RM have effed up. Also I think issues with Joe’s video stacks… He’s rolled back to 8.0.3.

Fucking joke. Do they not send this stuff out to devs for testing first?

I just feel sorry for the newbies who haven’t learnt the hard way NEVER touch a new version of RW without first waiting to see what it breaks.

The fact that projects opened in 8.1.x are not backwards compatible and left a loyt of people high and dry is I think the thing that will in time come back to haunt them.

It’s at version 8.1.5 and by all accounts still not working.

It’s looking like RW need new dev talent, as the present lot have clearly run out of skill.

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Another reason I’m still on 7.5. It works.

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8.0.3 is fine for me. Not sure there is really much between 7.5 and 8.0.x though, the Simulator is about it I think, and that doesn’t really work.


In former times, there have been beta versions for developers only before they released the beta to the public. They stopped that.

So, we devs aren’t any more privileged in that aspect. We are always on the same version than you also.

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That’s insane.

Is there any other software business on the planet, that relies on external devs for it’s core purpose, that doesn’t send out betas to devs before launch?

It’s almost like RM WANT RW to fall over.

Nothing I hear about RM surprises me anymore. They could announce tomorrow that they are no longer supporting Stacks and I’d be like “ya, figures”.



Never has my flabber been so gasted!

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I have politely told Realmac that I feel they should perhaps be doing a little more internal testing themselves, before sharing these Betas. That would help catch some of these more obvious bugs / significant breakages and take some of the responsibility off paying users for finding and reporting broken stuff. Needless to say, my comments were not especially well received.


So actually you got an answer?

What is the end-game for RM? Where are they going with all this?

I can’t understand why anyone would actively damage their business in this way.

Is RM a tax write off for Dan or something?

Does he think he’s Steve Jobs?

I just don’t get it.

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I get the feeling they’re running to keep up. I think they need new versions to generate revenue but have too small a team to produce release-quality software from the off, hence everyone else gets to be an unpaid beta tester. Add in the fact that RW is now just one part of the much bigger Mac/OSX/Stacks/plugins puzzle and it must be a nightmare for them. (Though that doesn’t excuse it becoming a nightmare for their customers).

If I was an enthusiast with nothing else to do, I might not mind so much but every upgrade from 5 onwards has been a pain in the horse’s patoot. I’ve only just upgraded all the sites I maintain from 6 to 7 and I’m buggered if I’m going to upgrade to 8 while all this nonsense is still flying about.

I love RW and I really like the idea of supporting a local business - I’m in Brighton and Hove, just like RealMac - but it’s frustrating at times.


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Version 8 has been fine for me so far, but reading this forum, I’m a bit concerned for the future of Rapidweaver.

I have a bit of time and money invested in stacks etc, but there’s no way i’d Recommend it to a newbie :-(

Stack prices are going up significantly (but not from the devs on this forum - is there a reason for this?), there’s a new developer working for Realmac whose attitude to customers stinks and there’s a never ending set of problems with new releases and the functionality of the core program is little better than version 5.

I get the feeling a lot of you seem ready to jump ship. It’s a shame as I love using RW.

Am I getting the wrong impression?

Actually the new guy, Tom if I guess correctly, has solved quite a few bugs, responds very quick and takes matters seriously. The one time I have read a snappy comment was caused by a an even snappier comment … just my impression.

Can’t speak for others, I’m not looking to jump but i am ensuring I have a ship to jump to when the time comes.

Blocs or Wordpress?

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Well, actually, I might give both a whirl. I will definitely give Blocs a whirl, might even use it in some commercial environments, but neither will be my RW replacement, should I need one.

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What’s the problem you’re having with RapidCart Pro? I’m on 8.1.5 and RCP is still working just fine for me.

I’m not, I’m on 8 0 3, but on the other forum users mentioned it and Rob appeared to say they are aware and a fix is coming.

Last time I opened RW there was an update for Rapidcart Pro. Have you had that?