Rapidweaver Classic announced

My thoughts.

I think it has been very clear that most of us will not be part of the Elements idea, so afraid of losing the actual costumers they are not only staying with the old and well known system now called ‘Classic’ but are trying to lock their users to a disguised annual subscription totally optional and just for updates (even bug fixing ones).

If one app was hard to keep and maintain, how he will keep and maintain both apps? This is getting the worst by the minute.

Thanks God, we have an alternative with Stacks’ developer. Let me know what you think about the announcement.

There’s a few opinions on another thread

That’s a Rapidweaver 9 thread. This is a Rapidweaver Classic, a totally different app. Rapidweaver 9 was an idea of two apps in one with the inclusion of Elements engine.

The link I posted takes you to the up to date comments about RW Classic announcement , which have been added to that thread.

Ok, I visit the link. Honestly I think it deserve another thread. Is a different app. It may get confusing but, anyway you guys do whatever you want. It’s not a big deal.

I somehow seem to have entered a weird alternative reality where I’m the lone voice in support of RW! Maybe I’m misguided?

But to comment on your statement… You are assuming the vocal few on forums make up the majority of users of RW, when in fact it’s such a tiny percentage, it’s almost negligible.

Mistakes have undoubtedly been made in the RM offices of late, but they have carved out a nice niche for themselves in the web design sector when many other much bigger players fell aside. I’ve no doubt, that in it’s own right RW will continue to be successful. I suspect it will end up appealing to a whole new load of web makers who know nothing of the history, or of stacks & Stacks.

And I’ve also no doubt that Stacks will be hugely successful too. Both products will I feel shape up to be very different prospects. And for those existing users who don’t want to jump to either, they can continue on as before with RW Classic.

The new direction makes total sense to me which gives everyone choice, and more over a revenue stream for all the devs involved while things sort themselves out. But as I say, maybe I’m misguided.


You’re not alone…I agree.

it’s unfortunate the way this whole thing unfolded in public, but it seems to me that the outcome being presented now is better than we’d otherwise might have hoped for.

As a Mac user, RW and stacks is an outstanding resource you can utilise for outstanding sites.

Taken at face value for the present, the RW Classic is a satisfactory outcome for current users (like me), who can then evaluate new offerings like the new RW and the new Stacks app and see which offers the best case values moving forward.


I’m not buying three apps. True that all these will be good for new users. Even with that mentality is kind of an insult for the ones that support and still use their tools to work. If all these changes are for simply push out the loyal customers so new ones can come in… it’s worst that I thought then.

So, for the old school ones, the ones that bought a cooy of Rapidweaver 1 and still use Realmac Apps today. People who support Ember, Courier, Typed, and many others, the answer is easy. At least for me.

Stacks 5

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I agree. Stacks 5 + Source + BWD = my formula of success


BWD? Show me the light

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LOL not surprised people are shouting out for FREE BWD stacks. They are fantastic and I hope that all of you shouting out and using them are also adding ££££ to his tip jar.


Big White Duck (RapidWeaver Stacks)
and, of course, tipping jar – well worth it. I even donate on rare occasions when I need support from Andrew.



I left Rapidweaver because of all this nonsense. I switched to Blocs a few months and haven’t looked back.


I downloaded the Blocs demo, but I’m not happy with it.
I’m just trying to do some tests to understand how it works.
I do not understand if there is something for Blocs to manage cookies (professional enough, which really blocks them), otherwise I will leave it immediately, blocking and managing cookies is essential before starting the design of a site.
I have not found anything.

Might be worth checking the Blocs forum, I think there is a basic bric for it but can’t remember anything like cookie manager/privacy control.

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Yes, there is only the basic one, a message with a consent button which unfortunately does not prevent access to cookies. In fact, on the blocsapp site, as soon as the page is opened, google cookies access without consent while the warning is still active.

Can’t you use external services for this? As the cookie information needs to be updated if the regulations change it might be an even better solution?

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No, it is better to pay once and manage it yourself than to pay a monthly subscription for an indefinite period.
However, the problem does not exist, I have already deleted the demo application of blocs, it is not up to the Stacks.

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With @TemplateRepo on this one. Rapidweaver has become largely dependent upon Stacks in recent years, but they have absolutely the right to bring RW as a standalone product into the 2020’s! Elements is the shot at doing this and I for one am keen to see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, rather than moving away from Stacks altogether they have opted to continue supporting the Stacks environment by virtue of Classic - which is really RW9 as we would originally anticipated. I’m sure they will drop this if Stacks 5 comes along and dominates the Stacks environment. Meanwhile, RW continues as it would have done with Stacks support.

Realmac at the end of the day is a small business that has done us proud for many years and they’re just looking for a way to develop into the future. The recent showdown with Isaiah will not have been great for them as it hasn’t for anyone and this revised approach looks like a win-win for us all.

I also have no objection to their support model - seems entirely fair to me.