Rapidweaver market place - where has all the 100´s of themes, stacks etc gone?


So I was looking for a particular stack and using my old link to the old marketplace, I am surprised to find the new marketplace, with minimal content. Where did all of these products go?

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the biggest problem is that it doesn’t work as well as the previous one. it’s a beta and they’re working on it.

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Ah ok, but as WebDeersign writes, that is odd to not show one of the biggest assets of Rapidweaver, anyway, we must hope that they will finish that page fast, so all of our very skilled developers can have their products sold. I have Blocs, I have WP builders, but nothing comes close to what I can do with Rapidweaver, with only small investments in the needed stacks.

One very big mistake with the RM Market place is that there is no transfer of existing Addons from the old to the new system, meaning everything has to be entered in again. Even worse is that the comments and recommendations have also not been transferred over.

IMHO The original Addons area was never a good place find the best solutions. Infact the best addons from the best developers never appeared on the system, e.g. Big White Duck stacks for example that revolutionised what could be built with Stacks. The cost of advertising was also extortionate and an active discouragement to new developers and I believe a factor that has driven up the cost of some developers Addons, to what we see today.

It is not surprising that most developers are not using the new system.

@kent I would suggest you just ask on this forum for any stacks you are looking for.


Any cost of time or money wouldn’t make sense for BWD as his fantastic addons are free with the option of payment.


Which is why RW Marketplace isn’t where it’s at ;)


OK, so I was not even aware that developers had to pay to have their stacks at the RW Marketplace. My Goodness…

No, that’s not true. We didn’t have to pay therefore.

There was some way to advertise your products, correct.

But overall publishing your products via the marketplace was free.

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Ah ok that is good to hear, sorry for commenting a misleading comment.