RWC not responding with Poster2 stacks page

hello, I am using the Poster2 stack on a RW project along with around 10 other stacks pages. The Blog currently is about 60 entries long. Each entry has a “read more…” part with photos and text.
The website is
Each time if I open the project file with RWC (9.1.1) after showing the “Loading stacks library…” nothing more happens. The window stays empty. I had to force quit RWC one or two times until I can edit my Poster2 page.
This is very annoying and I wonder if Poster2 can not handle these number of entries?
I do have other projects with only stacks pages, all of them work as expected.
It is only this combination of RWC (9.1.1), stacks (5.1.1b3) and Poster2 (2.6.5).

I have reported this issue on the RW community forum as well as in the discord channel of YourHead Software but without a solution.
Would be nice if this nightmare will end soon.

60 posts are small. All good with that.

Do you see other combinations of e.g. RW8 and a non beta stacks version work better?

I do have RW8 but how can I open a RWC project file in RW8 (no idea).
Next, if this is possible somehow: can I have RWC with Stacks 5.1.1b3 and RW8 with Stacks

Since I am frequently editing other projects in RWC at least I would like to have this configuration running all the time with no interferences.

In theory by renaming the project file extension to rw8

Only if you use different asset folders (I guess that’s possible).

renaming the project to .rw8 did the trick. But even with RW8 the issue is still the same…
Loading the library and afterwards a white screen forever…

I can try if an older Stacks version would work but for me an asset folder isn’t something I’m understand. If you could give me some advice I will try it.
Checking my folders I found a version 5.0.0 of stacks but no 4.x

Try with 5.0

Edit or preview mode?

this is in edit mode.

Just checked in one of the RW support forums to see that RW8 and RWC can run on the same computer (nothing new) and they will share the same addons. So I am still uncertain how I have to proceed to have RWC running stacks 5.1.1b3 and RW8 with stacks 5.0.
To figure out this issue I would use stacks 5.0 with both RW versions for a short time. But I need some assistance on how to do it.

Just for testing, remove the stacks 5.1.1b3, and use the latest official released one.

I can do this but can you tell me please where to find the stacks plugin within the system? As far as I remember RW has changed this location in the past.

Use reveal addons folder inside RW settings.

fine thanx.
now working with RWC and stacks 5.0:

  • double clicking the project file with a simple stacks page (previously saved) opens RWC and the page in edit mode instantly.
  • double clicking the project file with the Poster2 page opens RWC and the page within 4 seconds. The edit-window stays white during this 4s. But it opens the page (slightly delayed but it works).
    Seems to be a new feature in the stacks module then that causes this issue.
    This should be fixed.
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The 4 seconds delay might be coming from the fact that first all stacks addons have to be loaded. Good it works again.

things getting strange now (a little bit), because:

  • replaced stacks 5.0 with 5.1.0 → ok (same as with 5.0)
  • replaced stacks 5.1.0 with 5.1.1 → ok (still fine, 4s delay is acceptable)
  • replaced stacks 5.1.1 with 5.1.1b3 → now the projects load as with the version above ?!

I can’t remember why I have received the beta3. I might have fixed another issue. But now even with this beta3 the issue is gone. To me this looks strange. I have just moved out the stacks plugin from the Addons folder and back in.
But for now I can continue to update this particular website without the trouble I had before.

hi Jannis
this website with the Poster 2 stacks page drives me crazy. every time i open the project i get an (annoying) surprise.
I learned that i have to open the project with another, simpler stacks page. Then RWC starts and loads the stack library as usual. Only then can I switch to the blog page with Poster2.
So far i can live with it.

But now it’s the case that when I duplicate the most recent blog entry (item): select - option&drag RWC no longer responds! I had to force quit the program.
It stays that way until I edit something on another page. Only when I come back to the blog afterwards and want to create a new entry there I can maybe work on it.
This is really annoying, because I never know which steps I need to take to get Poster2 to create a new entry.
My entries always consist of several stacks (column, image gallery, text).

How do I have to proceed to create a new blog entry the first time?
Is there a better way to duplicate an entry than opt&drag?

Try copy paste shortcuts on the keyboard.

How many blog posts are on the page?

Are you only loading a single project at a time?

I have similar issues in RW8 + Stacks 5, where I get a stacks library loading (can’t remember exactly as not at mac) with x of x stacks loaded. It goes away if I click on another page and click back, usually.

just give it a try (cmd+c, cmd+v) works fine. Not sure however if this will be the case next month for the august blog entry ;-)

My feeling is that also some variables could lead to this nuisance that still exist somewhere or needed to be created when starting up. And this applies to all three programs (RWC, Stacks, Poster2). But the shortcuts look promising. Thanx.

The blog consists of about 65 entries and the number will increase each month by one.
Attached is the structure of a blog entry: a two column stack with an image gallery (1…5 photos) and some text. An entry usually has 4 to 6 such columns.

That’s fine.

Warehouse all images. I don’t know how Site Images behave in regards to performance, but generally images are the biggest performance issue.


@pmjd yes, I usually open just one project for editing. This particular one is about 600MB in size

I resize all images in size so they are about 300kB before adding them to the blog entry.
How should warehousing work? Should I upload them to a folder (maybe on the webhost) and create a link from the blog entry?