Stacks Summit 2024 - Session Sneak Peak

The Stacks Summit 2024 is coming up soon on April 5-7. If you have never attended, it 's a 100% online 3 day event that is dedicated to helping you make better websites. This is our 8th year hosting the event and it is going to be the best one yet. I know that seems cliché but it’s totally is. We have more stack developers involved than ever before. This is going to be a great community event where we get to help usher in Stacks Pro to the world.

There are going to be 15 talks over 3 days. In this post, I am going to be unveiling 5 of the talks. The rest will be coming soon…

Stacks Pro: First Glimpse into our Future

Join Isaiah Carew for an electrifying sneak peek into Stacks Pro, the future of web design. After two years of groundbreaking development, get ready to explore the tool we all love and adore in its own dedicated app. Gear up for an engaging session that will unveil how Stacks Pro is set to revolutionize your design workflow, making it more accessible, efficient, and fun. Don’t miss this chance to be among the first to witness the dawn of a new era in web design with Stacks Pro!

Influence of AI on SEO: Navigating the Future of Search

Chris Powers will be helping us navigate the quickly chaining landscape of SEO and how AI is changing the game. As AI continues to evolve, its integration into digital marketing and SEO has fundamentally altered how content is optimized, understood, and ranked by search engines. We’ll look at the cutting-edge AI tools reshaping SEO workflows, discuss the challenges and ethical considerations of AI in SEO, and speculate on future trends that will further influence the SEO landscape.

Local Powerhouse: Enhancing Web Design Workflows with MAMP

Dive into the world of efficient web design with Joshua Omilian as he unveils the secrets to optimizing your design workflows locally using MAMP. Say goodbye to the constant hassle of publishing to a server online. In this essential talk, Joshua will guide you through the ins and outs of setting up a seamless, local web development environment on your Mac, allowing you to work faster and smarter. Discover how MAMP, in combination with popular tools like Total CMS and Sitelok, can transform your web design process. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or new to the scene, this talk will equip you with the knowledge to revolutionize your web design workflow, making it more productive and hassle-free.

Freelancer’s Journey: From Novice to Pro Panel Discussion

Okay. Proud dad moment here…

Join Josh Workman as he embarks on a fascinating journey into the world of becoming a freelancer. This panel discussion is designed for those who, like Josh, are at the dawn of their freelancing careers and seeking inspiration and actionable advice. Hear the personal journeys of our experienced panelist, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the strategies that have helped them thrive in today’s dynamic freelancing landscape. You will gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed as a freelancer, from building a strong personal brand to navigating client relationships and managing the freedom and responsibilities that come with freelance life.

Turbo Web Performance: From Past Pitfalls to Future Solutions

Dive deep into the evolution of web page performance with Greg Barchard, who will navigate us through its storied past, the common challenges faced by Stacks users, and the breakthrough solutions that have emerged. This session will not only uncover the roots of typical performance issues but also offer practical advice on overcoming them, making it invaluable for web developers and Stacks enthusiasts alike. Greg’s extensive experience and insights culminate in the reveal of his latest innovation, Turbo. This new product promises to be a game-changer, encapsulating years of learning into a tool that enhances website speed and efficiency like never before.

Stay tuned for more session reveals and surprises we have in store for you. Join us at Stacks Summit 2024 to be part of an exhilarating experience that will not only enhance your skills but also connect you with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. Secure your spot now and be part of ushering in a new era of web development.

Looking forward to seeing you online and as always… Go forth and make your websites great!


[UPDATE: 5 More Talks Added]

[UPDATE: Added Last 5 Talks]


Great to hear that there will be some news from Isaiah in the

Stacks Pro: First Glimpse into our Future

I do hope this will be simultaneously available to everyone and not only those who are attending the conference.


What do you want to say by this?

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you will be able to have news but for a fee

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You are paying $99 for 15 sessions over 3 days. It’s a lot of work to put together a 3 day conference. There are a lot of great talks.

There is no pay wall for information about Stacks Pro. I am sure after the summit information will be released to the general public. Does this mean that the people that attend the conference may know some things a some days before you? Maybe.

There are many other perks of joining the conference. I will post more details as we get closer.


As Joe just said: Your are paying that ‘fee’ for the whole summit, a 3-day event with many talks and a lot(!) of valuable information. One of the many topics which will be covered during the conference will be Stacks Pro, where Isaiah (the developer of that app) will at least present the current status of Stacks Pro (maybe more, no-one knows). It’s solely up to Isaiah which information he is giving to whom and when. And he has decided to use the Stacks Summit to present what he’s been working on in the last 2 years.


Excellent, presenting your work in a paid event…
really excellent…

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Hm, what’s your problem with that? 🤷🏽


The annual Summit has been a tradition for years, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage with a wide array of presentations, sometimes including the exciting announcement of new apps or even Stacks updates.

It’s important to understand that the registration fee covers the entire conference experience, not just a single announcement.

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I repeat myself for the deaf… in simpler words, so that someone does not change the meaning of the value of the summit with what I said.

I was responding to Webdeersign about it being simultaneously available to everyone.

So: in my opinion, after all this time we’ve been waiting, sorry, I correct myself, I’m waiting for news of this blessed app in the children’s chat, do I find that to get fresh news I also have to pay?

For me it’s in very bad taste, then if it’s fine for others, it’s not a problem for me, but even telling me “what’s your problem?”… I don’t understand, maybe the forum is restricting freedom of thought?

But welcome to RW, which has been making us participants “for free” since the beginning of development, every week for a long time, and is also criticized.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but when you constantly are spreading wrong information don’t act surprised when you get called out.

You don’t have to pay for this news there is nothing stopping stacks news from coming out at the same time, however to attend an amazing 3 day online conference you do and it’s a great time every year.

You seem set on criticizing the event as well. What are your motives truly?


we’ll see… I hope it’s as you say, then I’d be very happy.
(But unfortunately I don’t see any feedback or announcements from those who develop the app).

Edit: Sorry, we/I went off topic in the post.

You seem to be confused and not willing to listen to explanations, or perhaps there is a language barrier?

You are not expected to pay for news about Stacks Pro. The fee is for the Summit. It just happens that one of the topics of that Summit will be Stacks Pro. You will hear news independently of the Summit – for free.


This adds nothing to the discussion. Go to the back of the class.


I must have missed this, but of interest, where has that been announced? The only news about StacksPro is that if you pay $99 you will gain access to:

“get ready to explore the tool we all love and adore in its own dedicated app. Gear up for an engaging session that will unveil how Stacks Pro is set to revolutionize your design workflow, making it more accessible, efficient, and fun. Don’t miss this chance to be among the first to witness the dawn of a new era in web design with Stacks Pro!”


If any product is to be sold, first it needs to be announced – to as many people as possible. That includes people who do not attend summits. Announcements are made when a product is approaching time for release.


My goodness… I am eagerly awaiting the news about StacksPro, whether it arrives a day after the summit or later. I will be happy to see it. With Stacks, as I know it, and the immense number of stacks available, StacksPro is most likely going to be a significant step forward in the process of making websites. It will be very hard for anything that exists anywhere to surpass it. It might even be a revolution. Very excited to see how Esiah approaches this, particularly when compared with RapidWeaver.


In case you missed it.

Also it’s crazy to think that no one is going to come on here and say something. It’s so crazy that people think this.


Just like spending the night in front of an Apple store to buy the latest iPhone… As if they won’t sell it later: “No iPhone for you!” (Voice of Seinfeld’s soup dude).